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"Xuelong": China's contribution to the poles

Publicado por: Redacción EFEverde 12 de enero, 2016 Madrid

Shanghai (China), Jan 11 (EFE), (Camera: Jose Alvarez Diaz).- If there is an area in the world still unspoilt, where countries must collaborate and assist each other in survival and scientific research rather than compete in influence, that place is Antarctica.

And China, which quietly sent its first scientific expedition to the frozen continent in 1984, as it occupies a position of greater influence in the international community, as the second largest economy and as a country with one in five people on the planet, it is also preparing to increase its capacity for exploration and scientific activity at the poles, with a new icebreaker and a new polar plane.

So far, however, another ship has become the flagship of Chinese National Arctic and Antarctic Research program (CHINARE). The "Xuelong" ("Snow Dragon" in Mandarin) is the largest non-nuclear polar ship nuclear currently in service right now.


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