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The LIFE Celsius European Project opens an information channel in Internet

Publicado por: Redacción EFEverde 1 de febrero, 2016 Madrid

The ‘LIFE Celsius’ European project, headed by ACCIONA Agua with the aim of reducing energy consumption in wastewater treatment processes in warm climates by up to 60%, now has its own information channel on the internet:

This website contains all the information on the project and its objectives and the technology to be used, plus useful information on the management of water, one of the main – and most valuable – resources for human development.

Life Celsius is an initiative selected by the LIFE program, the European Union’s financial instrument for environmental protection and the fight against climate change. The overall objective of LIFE is to contribute to the application, updating and development of the EU’s environmental and climate policy and legislation through the co-funding of projects with added value for Europe. Life Celsius represents the implementation of a new process for eliminating organic waste and nitrogen compounds in wastewater.

The aim is to reduce the energy consumption associated with these processes as far as possible, and in the process, greenhouse gas emissions. The program will also mean considerable financial savings: in Spain, the treatment of the country’s 3,000 hm3/year of urban wastewater is equivalent to 1% of its national energy consumption, according to figures from the Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings.

The new technology will use an anaerobic membrane bio-reactor to eliminate organic matter in combination with a two-stage nitrogen elimination system, one for partial nitrification and another with an Annamox® biological reactor, according to Acciona sources.

The processes under study can be scaled up in real plants in warm climate areas in European countries (the Mediterranean basin) and also in other parts of the world such as Latin America, the Middle East or Asia.

Agencia Efe (EFEverde) is involved in the project with the aim of disseminating the progress made in the program and the importance of the water cycle. It will channel the information through its environmental journalism website, Efeverde.

Life Celsius has been implemented since October 2015 in the pilot plant of the wastewater treatment plant at Archena (Murcia, south-east Spain) and will run for three years thanks to an investment of around one million euros.



LifeCelsius. Sobre foto de gotas de agua de A.L
LifeCelsius. Sobre foto de gotas de agua de A.L

El proyecto Life+ “Celsius″ (LIFE14 ENV/ES/000203)  esta cofinanciado por la UE y gestionado por Acciona, con la colaboración la Agencia EFE.

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